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About Silver Stars Synchro Team

In 1995, the St. Moritz Ice Skating Club decided that a synchronized team was needed at the Dublin Iceland rink, located in Dublin, CA.  Laura Erle was asked to teach an intro class.  By September of that year, a team was organized and named the Silver Stars Synchronized Skating Team.


Silver Stars began its first competitive season in 1996 with its first appearance at the Pacific Coast Championships and the US National Championships.  The following season, the team grew from 12 to 22 skaters and again competed at both Championships and Nationals.  Over 100 skaters have participated in Silver Stars.  We have had skaters from as far away as Finland and France skate with our teams.  Our skaters are well-rounded, passing USFSA Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Pairs, and Dance tests.  Our skaters also compete in singles, pairs, and dance events, in addition to synchro events.

Our coaches have always stressed the importance of not only being a well-rounded skater, but a well-rounded person, as well.  We strive to teach our skaters good sportsmanship, the importance of education, teamwork, respect, and responsibility to others.  As Silver Stars continues to improve and grow, our success is measured in the accomplishments of our team and its skaters.

Laura Erle continues to be our Head Coach.  She is currently assisted by Lauren Glavor, who is a former Silver Stars skater.

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