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Team Philosophy

Silver Stars skaters are encouraged to promote Team Unity on and off the ice by being respectful of one another, helping and encouraging those less skilled, refraining from cliquish behavior, welcoming new team members and being respectful of coaches and parents.

At events, the team sits together and promotes good sportsmanship by taking part in cheers for other teams and supporting teammates equally; they keep negative opinions to themselves, and shrug off any inappropriate remarks from other teams.  In the process, they generate good will among all competitors and positive opinions about Silver Stars, the St. Moritz Ice Skating Club, and the USFSA.  


Similarly, Silver Stars families also represent the team, St. Moritz and the USFSA when attending team events.  Our families support our skaters by setting a good example and talking to them about the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.  In addition, we carry these values into other settings, such as during online discussions and when visiting other rinks.  We also show support by wearing team colors, cheering for the entire team (not individuals) at competitions when appropriate, and creating banners that reflect the team’s goodwill and unity. 

An integral part of the team experience is the bonding that takes place between the skaters.  This is important not only for expanding friendships, but also for promoting trust and unity in preparation for performances.   Past activities have included pool parties, movie outings, and team dinners.  The biggest team bonding activity currently is our annual trip to the Anaheim competition in November.  Our skaters love to have fun together!


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