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Synchronized Skating Explained

Synchronized team skating is the fastest growing discipline of figure skating both within the United States and internationally.  Synchronized skating features a group of 8 - 20 skaters working together to form lines, blocks, circles, wheels, and other formations using fast-paced footwork and intricate moves, all set to music.  It combines the skill and artistry associated with the individual sport of figure skating with the camaraderie and teamwork found in all team sports.   The team aspect is an exciting addition to the traditionally individualized sport of figure skating. Learn More...

Synchronized team skating can be fun for any skater. 
The extra practice time that skaters spend in synchronized skating can enhance speed, edges, extension, and footwork, which are also very important to singles skaters. 

In addition to this, skaters will have the enjoyment of being part of a team.  
There are competitions to attend which means travel adventures that you will remember forever. 

There are several levels of synchronized team skating, including Non-Qualifying Introductory teams (Beginner, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile, and Open Juvenile) and Qualifying teams (Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior).  The level of a particular team is based on age and skating ability. Click to review USFSA Team levels described in detail. 

At the Collegiate level, there are many team opportunities available for skaters around the country.  Colleges and universities actively seek highly skilled student athletes.   Gold level tests in freestyle, dance and moves will be just a few of the requirements needed by the top collegiate teams. 

On an international level, the International Skating Union sponsors several synchronized team competitions, including ones in the United States, Finland, Sweden, Italy, France, and Canada.  The World Championships is held in a different country every year. 

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